The 10 Best Black Friday Deals at Target, Walmart, Best Buy, and Amazon

As you spent today watching the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, making pumpkin pie recipes and learning how to cook a turkey or how to deep fry a turkey safely, watching NFL games between the Philadelphia Eagles and Detroit Lions, the Carolina Panthers and the Dallas Cowboys, and/or the Chicago Bears and the Green Bay Packers as you monitor your Yahoo and ESPN fantasy football leagues or your FanDuel or DraftKings daily fantasy teams, there should be bigger questions bouncing around in your ...
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Michael Dukakis: There’s still plenty of meat on that bone

You’ve carefully stuffed, cooked, and carved the turkey. You’ve sliced up all the extra pieces, packing them in tinfoil for leftovers. And you may think you’ve used every possible aspect of that turkey.

You’d be wrong. Michael Dukakis would very much like your turkey carcass.

"Yow you take this home, throw it in a pot, add some broth, a potato. Baby, you’ve got a stew going"
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A Google Doc Turns into a Massive Open-Sourced Art Project

“I wondered if it would be possible to create a community out of a single document,” artist Matthew Britton, Art Squad’s creator, tells Hyperallergic. “I like to consider alternative uses for the online tools we use every day.” This virtual art community uses Google Docs’ shareable word processing platform to create an endlessly evolving digital graffiti free-for-all. “The project started with a blank document, with no clear intention,” Britton says. “There were no guidelines ...
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Face of Reclaim Australia rally Nathan Paterson insists: I'm not racist

He has been labelled a bogan, a redneck and a racist.
But Nathan Paterson, the heavily-tattooed NSW man who became the face of a Reclaim Australia rally at the weekend, says he's standing up for an Australia he believes is at risk from overseas refugee migration.
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“Hang on, I’m gonna go out there and throw up.”Near the end of our first hour-long interview, Joe Exotic, a.k.a. Joe Schreibvogel, interrupted my question and hoofed toward the gift shop’s back door, his shoulder-length, bleach-blond mane waving at me beneath a beige ball cap. While I waited, I browsed the wares for sale around me. There were the typical stuffed animals and animal-themed tchotchkes you’d expect to find at the zoo, but there were some unexpected things as well: lion ...
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Do Not Pass “Bo”: Archaeologists Unearth 2,300-Year-Old Board Game in China

According to Live Science, archaeologists in China recently unearthed a 2,300-year-old board game called “bo” from a heavily looted tomb in Qingzhou City. It includes a 14-face die carved from an animal tooth, 21 rectangular game pieces featuring painted numbers, and a broken tile — “decorated with two eyes, which are surrounded by cloud-and-thunder patterns” — that once made up part of the game board.
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Inside /pol/, the 4chan Politics Board Shouted Out in Minneapolis Gun Video

On Tuesday morning, after the shooting of five Black Lives Matter protesters in Minneapolis, a chilling video from LiveLeak resurfaced on Facebook and in news media: two armed men, in camouflage and balaclavas, spewing racist invective as they filmed themselves driving to Thursday’s Black Lives Matter protest. “We’re going to shut the camera off in a little bit,” one who identifies himself as SaigaMarine says. “We just wanted to give everyone a heads up on /pol/.” He signs off by ...
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Tips for Dealing With Fake 'Racist Uncle' Think Pieces This Thanksgiving

You can measure cultural change via the straw men we use to complain about it. The Eighties and Nineties whaaaaat is the deeaaaal with airline food disappeared along with the food and evolved into everyone having some schtick about taking their shoes off in the security line or seeing their MacBook crushed by a reclining seat. Aiming for the fattest targets, the complaints always miss the right ones, veering hackily away from the real enemy. You can see the same thing at work with Thanksgiving.
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Douglass North, a pioneer in institutional economics, has died

ON MONDAY Douglass North died at the age of 95. Mr North was an American economic historian, who shared the Nobel prize in economic science with Robert Fogel, another economic historian, in 1993. (Fogel died in 2013.)

Mr North's work tended to focus on the biggest questions in economics, namely, how it is that some countries in some places became rich while others remained poor. His research came to emphasise the role of institutions in shaping long-run economic outcomes. While the fact that ...
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Batman Just Became a Victim of Police Brutality in the Dark Knight Sequel

Today, nearly 30 years later, Miller just made Batman’s politics even more interesting. The first issue of Dark Knight III: The Master Race — a Dark Knight sequel co-written by Miller and Brian Azzarello and drawn by Andy Kubert — just hit stands. Within its pages, the Caped Crusader tackles an issue that’s at the forefront of current American progressive politics: police brutality. I mean that literally — about half of the issue is devoted to Batman tackling abusive police officers.
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Musicologist Mack McCormick Dead at 85

McCormick, known as Mack, lived his life on his own terms, lighting out for the territories to seek answers to things he didn’t know, whether it was why Houston’s Fourth Ward had so many barrelhouse piano players, or what Robert Johnson looked like, or how fantastic would it be to take a Texas prison gang to sing at a Rhode Island folk festival. “I am an anthropologist,” he once wrote. “That is to say I am involved in a study of mankind and his ability to cope and the style he brings ...
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How Walmart Keeps an Eye on Its Massive Workforce

In the autumn of 2012, when Walmart first heard about the possibility of a strike on Black Friday, executives mobilized with the efficiency that had built a retail empire. Walmart has a system for almost everything: When there’s an emergency or a big event, it creates a Delta team. The one formed that September included representatives from global security, labor relations, and media relations. For Walmart, the stakes were enormous. The billions in sales typical of a Walmart Black Friday were ...
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Protesters Block Chicago Streets Over Video of Laquan McDonald's Killing

Hundreds of protesters closed a major Chicago intersection Tuesday night after authorities released a "disturbing" dashcam video of the moment a cop shot 17-year-old Laquan McDonald 16 times last year.

Chicago police Officer Jason Van Dyke, 37, turned himself in Tuesday and was ordered held without bond on a charge of first-degree murder in Laquan's death in October 2014.
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To Defeat ISIS, Create a Sunni State

John Bolton.
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A Doomsday Machine, or the Next Best Thing

A cameraman for state-owned Channel One television “accidentally” filmed a general studying a poster of a new weapon called “Status-6”, a giant torpedo (a “robotic mini-submarine”, the poster called it) that can travel up to 10,000 km at high speed carrying a huge payload – like, for example, a truly gigantic thermonuclear weapon. And the film clip was broadcast all over Russia before the “mistake” was discovered.
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Breakup Shop dumps your partner for small fee

Breaking up is hard to do — unless you're willing to pay someone else to do it for you.

Yes, dumping your partner just got a lot less painful thanks to a pair of entrepreneurial Canadian brothers
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scott adams was the biggest shittiest dork in college hahaha

That's the year I learned that if there's a loophole, someone's going to drive a truck through it, and the people in the truck will get paid better than the people under it.
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FBI foils plot by Virginia white supremacists to bomb black churches, synagogues

Two men from Chesterfield, Va. are facing federal charges after the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) uncovered a plot to commit acts of violence against Black and Jewish places of worship.

Robert C. Doyle and Ronald Beasley Chaney, III are both charged with conspiracy to possess firearms after having been convicted of a felony.
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Afro Samurai 2 Pulled from Steam and PSN

Last week people noticed that Afro Samurai 2: Revenge of Kuma had been pulled from Steam and PSN, and had actually been deleted from the libraries of players who had already downloaded the game. Even given the game's disastrous launch, it was a bit of a surprise. Those storefronts both have their fair share of bad games, and its not everyday that a publisher decides to delist a title, yank it from consumer hard drives, and hand out an automatic refund.

Over the last few days, information about ...
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Are 4chan Sadboy Babymen Behind the #Justice4Jamar Shooting?

Spoiler alert: Yes.
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