Unconscious Patient Says Doctors Mocked Him

FAIRFAX, Va. (CN) - Doctors mocked an unconscious colonoscopy patient, joking that he has syphilis and talking about firing a gun up his rectum, says a man whose cellphone allegedly captured audio of the entire affair.
Plaintiff D.B. sued Safe Sedation LLC and Safe Sedation Management in Fairfax County Court, alleging defamation and infliction of emotional distress.
"On April 18, 2013, during a colonoscopy, plaintiff was verbally brutalized and defamed by the very doctors to whom he ...
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Spain's 'Robin Hood' swindled banks to help fight capitalism

They call him the Robin Hood of the banks, a man who took out dozens of loans worth almost half a million euros with no intention of ever paying them back. Instead, Enric Duran farmed the money out to projects that created and promoted alternatives to capitalism.

After 14 months in hiding, Duran is unapologetic even though his activities could land him in jail. "I'm proud of this action," he said in an interview by Skype from an undisclosed location. The money, he said, had created ...
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Painter Paul Gauguin Plays the Harmonium with No Pants or Shoes (Circa 1895)

What do we have here? Painter Paul Gauguin playing a harmonium at the Paris studio of Alphonse Mucha, a Czech Art Nouveau painter, in or around 1895. How this came about — how Gauguin decided to strip off his pants and shoes and start playing that pump organ — we’ll probably never know. But we’re certainly glad that this light moment was saved for posterity.
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A frat boy’s “gay experience”

The door clicked behind us. I knelt on my knees and stared up at him. I pulled down his pants and gripped his dick. I wanted to inspect it further — I mean, how many dicks have I gotten to see up close? But I closed my mouth around the tip. And I gave Tom the kind of head that I would want to receive.

As unsure of everything as I was, I had known this was the first thing I wanted to do. I felt somehow that if I got this act out of the way, the kissing and fondling wouldn’t be such a big ...
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Football spectators spooked by 'ghost' which appears to run through fans during match in Bolivia

The video, shot during a television broadcast of the match, has gone viral with internet sleuths sharing their theories on the apparition.

This is not the first time an unexplained apparition has been spotted at a South American stadium.
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Is New Mexico Gov. Susana Martinez the Next Sarah Palin?

As she likes to tell anybody who'll listen, Susana Martinez, the governor of New Mexico, didn't start out a Republican. She and her husband, Chuck, like most everyone else in Las Cruces, had always been Democrats. But she'd long dreamed of running for office, and when word got out that she had her eyes on the district attorney's seat, two local Republican activists asked her to lunch. At the meeting, the story goes, her suitors didn't talk about party affiliation or ideology. They zeroed in on ...
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Boris Johnson slammed for St George's party that failed to fly the England flag

While today is actually St George’s Day, an event billed as the Feast Of St George was held in Trafalgar Square on Monday. However, some of the 40,000 people who attended said they were shocked to find not a single St George’s Cross, regarded as the English flag. Instead, there was plain red and white bunting.

“I was saddened and disgusted,” said photographer Allan Warren. “Not one St George’s Cross was on display. Several people involved with the event told me they were not ...
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St George’s Day: England’s patron saint celebrated across the country

David Cameron says St George’s day has been overlooked ‘for too long’ and the country should celebrate what it is to be English


In the past there has been a reluctance to mark the occassion over fears the St George Cross flag could be seen as racist and events could upset ethnic minority groups.
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On St George's Day, Cameron says let's embrace the Scots! PM uses annual message to promote the union as 'one of England's greatest achievements'

At an event in Carlisle this evening, he will claim that England will remain 'Scotland's closest friends', even if his country votes to break up the UK in September.
Both politicians are desperate to win the battle for hearts in a debate that has so far been dominated by economic claims and counter-claims.
Mr Cameron will describe the UK as 'the world's greatest family of nations'.

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From Shakespeare to Banksy to The Beatles: 19 of England’s greatest claims to fame to celebrate St George’s Day

The search to establish England’s Hall of Fame began in February when the tourist board asked the public to submit their suggestions.

The Hall of Fame app received almost 1,000 submissions including Harry Potter and Harry Styles, the miniskirt and the tuxedo, The Beatles and punk music, Earl Grey tea and the Scotch Egg.
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Open letter of Ukrainian Jews to Russian Federation President Vladimir Putin

The Russian-speaking citizens of Ukraine are not being humiliated or discriminated against, their civil rights have not been infringed upon. Meanderings about “forced Ukrainization” and “bans on the Russian language” that have been so common in Russian media are on the heads of those who invented them. Your certainty about the growth of anti-Semitism in Ukraine, which you expressed at your press-conference, also does not correspond to the actual facts. Perhaps you got Ukraine confused ...
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Big new role for anonymous tipsters

Starting with one unproved claim from an unknown source, letting it lead to a supposition, and then allowing it to justify taking action, the Supreme Court in a closely divided ruling Tuesday gave police broad new authority to turn anonymous tips into traffic stops, and then, often, into arrests. Dividing five to four, the Court rejected the argument that police must find specific proof of what an anonymous tipster reports before they may stop a motorist on the highway.

The ruling in ...
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NYPD twitter campaign implodes, flooded with photos of police abuse

Do you have a photo w/ a member of the NYPD? Tweet us & tag it #myNYPD. It may be featured on our Facebook.
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Vice Journalist Reportedly Captured by Pro-Russian Forces in Ukraine

On Monday, just prior to his disappearance, Ostrovsky tweeted that Ponomarev had threatened reporters at a press conference.

"Nobody abducted him, nobody is holding him hostage, he's with us now in at the SBU, preparing material and working," Ponomarev said, according to The Interpreter.
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Indian Supreme Court To Reconsider Sodomy Ruling

India’s Supreme Court said Tuesday it would hear arguments in open court on whether to reconsider a December decision upholding the country’s colonial-era sodomy law, known as Section 377.

This is LGBTI rights advocates last chance to toss out the decision, which was a harsh blow after a 12-year litigation process. In January, a two-judge panel (which included one of the judges who issued the original ruling) rejected their first attempt to have the case reconsidered, what is known as a ...
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Prison for mom, boyfriend in 4-year-old’s death

A local mother found guilty of beating her 4-year-old son to death because she thought he was gay was sentenced to prison Friday, as was her boyfriend who previously pleaded guilty.

The jury found Jessica Dutro guilty on all seven counts — one count of felony murder, five counts of murder by abuse and one count of second-degree assault.

Dutro’s daughter was 7 at the time of Zachary’s death. The girl testified she saw both Dutro and Canady commit the deadly beating.
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This Man Is About to Die Because an Alcoholic Lawyer Botched His Case

When people recount their alcohol consumption after a night on the town, or even a serious bender, they usually think about it in terms of drinks. Very rarely do they calibrate their intake in quarts. So most of us don't have a good sense of just how much a quart of vodka is—a bit more than 21 shots, as it turns out. That's the amount of alcohol lawyer Andy Prince consumed every night during the death penalty trial of his client, Robert Wayne Holsey, a low-functioning man with a tortured past ...
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Missouri Mayor, Friend of Kansas Shooting Suspect, Resigns over Anti-Semitic Remarks

After a raucous and jam-packed City Council meeting last night, the mayor of Marionville, Mo., officially resigned early this morning. Dan Clevenger was under fire for making anti-Semitic remarks shortly after his old friend, neo-Nazi Frazier Glenn Miller, was arrested for allegedly killing three people at two Jewish community facilities in suburban Kansas City on the eve of Passover.

Clevenger, 59, announced his resignation as the leader of the largely white city of 2,200 residents in ...
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When Women Wanted Sex Much More Than Men - And how the stereotype flipped.

In the 1600s, a man named James Mattock was expelled from the First Church of Boston. His crime? It wasn’t using lewd language or smiling on the sabbath or anything else that we might think the Puritans had disapproved of. Rather, James Mattock had refused to have sex with his wife for two years. Though Mattock’s community clearly saw his self-deprivation as improper, it is quite possible that they had his wife’s suffering in mind when they decided to shun him. The Puritans believed ...
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Poll: Religion Trumps Belief in Big Bang Theory for Most Americans

Few Americans question that smoking causes cancer. But they express bigger doubts as concepts that scientists consider to be truths get further from our own experiences and the present time, an Associated Press-GfK poll found.

Americans have more skepticism than confidence in global warming, the age of the Earth and evolution and have the most trouble believing a Big Bang created the universe 13.8 billion years ago.

Rather than quizzing scientific knowledge, the survey asked people to rate ...
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