Met pays £425,000 to mother of undercover policeman's child

The Metropolitan Police is to pay £425,000 to a woman whose child was fathered by a man who she did not know was an undercover police officer.

The unprecedented payment comes after a legal battle with women who say they were duped into relationships with officers who were spying on them.
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Satan Tells Oklahoma Man to Give 10 Commandments Monument the Moses Treatment

Officials say someone drove their car into monument Thursday night, smashing it to pieces. The suspect reportedly made vague threats at the Oklahoma City Federal Building today and was taken into custody. His name has not yet been released.

The suspect has been identified as Michael Tate Reed Jr., 29. He is from Roland and was taken to Oklahoma County mental facility for an emergency order of detention and a mental evaluation.

The suspect said Satan told him to do it, Secret Service officials ...
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FBI: Officer gave gang information on cop plate

An ex-Boston gang cop is being accused by the FBI of looking up a license plate number to an undercover police car for a gang member and asking a state police trooper for details about another gang investigation.

Mel Steele, 36, quit last week amid a joint Boston Police Department Anti-Corruption Unit and FBI investigation, Boston Police said last night.

Steele worked in the Youth Violence Strike Force from 2007 to 2011, police said. He was assigned to Jamaica Plain’s Area E-13 station ...
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Bystanders at Dallas Airport stop antigay attack by piling on drunk bully

In the video embedded below, an apparently intoxicated man attacks another passenger who he believes is gay. Within seconds, a number of bystanders leap into action to take the attacker down and hold him until police can handcuff him and lead him away.

The video is dated Thursday, October 23, and shows an unnamed angry man bellowing and threatening another passenger who is wearing a jacket and a pink shirt.

A tall man in a black cowboy hat approaches and asks the angry man what he’s upset ...
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Student Who Stood Up To Don Young Says He Was Shocked By Homophobic Remark

An Alaska high school student said he and his classmates were stunned by Rep. Don Young's (R-Alaska) insensitive comments during a school assembly Tuesday and thinks the congressman’s apology was insincere.
“I was pretty upset,” Grier told The Huffington Post. “I can understand having your own opinion, and that’s fine. But having your own opinion and coming into a room filled with high schoolers and telling them that same-sex marriage is the same as two bulls having sex -- in my ...
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Alaskan Congressman Don Young stands behind Wasilla High School comments, adds government to suicide blame list

An unapologetic U.S. Rep. Don Young on Wednesday wasn't backing down from statements he made Tuesday at Wasilla High School that suicide shows a lack of support from friends and family.

The comment stunned students and staff reeling from the suicide death of a student last week and sent ripples through Alaska's suicide prevention community. Alaska has the highest suicide rate in the country.
Asked about the “lack of support” comment, Young expanded on it and added that suicide in ...
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Homophobic Hooligans go on Rampage in Macedonia

Around 20 hooded hooligans tried to wreck the second birthday party of the centre for support of the LGBT community on Thursday in Skopje, vandalizing the “Damar” cafe in the Old Bazaar area, where the event took place.

A woman was injured after the hooligans threw a bottle at her head.

Witnesses said the attack only lasted around 10 minutes but had devastating effects.

“The hooligans entered the cafe and started throwing everything, like bottles, crates… It was a stamped?. One ...
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Camp LoneStar Arrests Result From Earlier Encounter With Border Patrol Officer

A chance encounter earlier this summer with a Border Patrol officer along the Rio Grande has become a disastrous event for the vigilantes prowling the Texas border at the militia encampment dubbed Camp LoneStar.
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Police: Two dead, four wounded in shooting at Marysville-Pilchuck High School

Two students are dead after one of them opened fire Friday morning in the Marysville-Pilchuck High School cafeteria before turning the gun on himself, according to law-enforcement sources.

Police said four other people were wounded in the 10:45 a.m. shooting.

Austin Joyner, a student at the school, said on Twitter that he saw the shooter come into the cafeteria, walk over to a table, pull out a gun and shoot students who were sitting there.

Jarron Webb, 15, said the shooter was angry at a ...
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One-Fifth of Detroit's Population Could Lose Their Homes

Evone Brown, a 55-year-old former machine operator, survives on $850 a month from retirement and disability checks, which wasn't enough to cover the roughly $8,000 she owed in property taxes on her home on the east side of Detroit. This year, because she was at least three years behind on her tax payments (most of which she inherited when she bought the house in 2011), Wayne County's treasurer foreclosed on her. As a result, her house is up for sale this week in Wayne County’s online ...
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School board chief won’t resign over racist videos: ‘Nothing illegal about having bad taste’

According to, the concerned parents presented a petition with more than 600 signatures to the Fairfield school district on Monday asking Rigler to resign, but he refused to step down, telling the 175 people assembled that he’s sorry if he offended anyone, but that he has no plans to leave his job.
Rigler produced “Rigler Report” YouTube videos under the monicker “CrackrocKid.” In them he gave a conservative, prankster-ish take on inflammatory topics like slavery, ...
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Film Shocker! Does the Universe Revolve Around Earth?

new documentary, "The Principle," is so controversial that scientists and even people featured in the movie are condemning it before they've had a chance to see it.

The film chops away at some of the most sacred cows of modern science: that Earth is nothing special and sprang into being by accident.

It delves into the latest scientific findings to present what its makers believe is solid evidence the whole universe revolves around Earth and its Milky Way galaxy.

Physics professor John ...
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NYPD to get $160M mobile fingerprint device

NYPD cops will soon get $160 million worth of high-tech electronic gear that will let them scan and process fingerprints in the field to confirm the identity of suspects and find out if they’re wanted on outstanding warrants, officials announced Thursday.

“You can literally, with this technology, take a fingerprint on a street corner in New York City,” Mayor de Blasio said.

“This is going to speed the work of law enforcement. It’s also going to allow us to not have to bring as many ...
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Arby's selling 22oz sodas in 21oz cups

Consumerist reader Michael recently bought a small drink from an Arby’s in Ohio. And printed right on the Arby’s-branded paper cup it clearly states “22 oz.”

But then Michael noticed some text on the underside of that same cup that states “21 oz.”
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Student Jailed For Slapping Sleeping Woman In The Face With His Penis

A student has been jailed for slapping a sleeping woman in the face with his penis while his friend filmed the indecent act on his phone.

John Luke Dale, a 21-year-old criminology undergraduate who dreamt of being a solicitor, was sentenced to nine months imprisonment after admitting sexual assault.
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Dear Prudence: I live in a rich neighbourhood, but most of the trick-or-treaters are poor. Do I have to give them candy?

I live in one of the wealthiest neighborhoods in the country, but [...] I have noticed that on Halloween, what seems like 75% of the trick-or-treaters are clearly not from this neighborhood. Kids arrive in overflowing cars from less fortunate areas. I feel this is inappropriate. Halloween isn’t a social service or a charity in which I have to buy candy for less fortunate children. Obviously this makes me feel like a terrible person, because what’s the big deal about making less fortunate ...
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African migrants look down on white-clad golfers in viral photo

Behind them lay the makeshift campgrounds where they had spent months living rough, waiting for the right moment to climb the six-metre, razorwire fence lying between them and their dream of making it to Europe. In front of them lay an immaculately groomed golf course complete with white-clad golfers teeing off.

The two radically different realities, just metres apart, was what greeted a dozen or so migrants caught on the triple fence that marks the border between Spain’s north African ...
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Viral image of woman who stuck pencils in her eyes leads to Los Angeles County lawsuit

A lawsuit was filed on behalf of a woman who stuck pencils in her eyes in a suicide attempt and whose image — captured by someone at County-USC Medical Center — went viral.

The lawsuit, naming Los Angeles County, the hospital and two non-county employees — Linda Araujo Shivers and her son, Joshua Shivers — was brought Monday by the woman’s conservator and guardian, David Bliss. The plaintiff is identified only as Jane Doe.
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Italy charges gays who kissed to protest homophobic group

Perugia’s public prosecutor should immediately drop charges against six gay rights activists accused of disturbing the peace because they kissed during a demonstration in March 2014, Human Rights Watch said today. The public prosecutor’s office notified the six of the charges on October 7.

“The charges would be laughable if they didn’t reflect exactly the anti-gay sentiment the activists are fighting against,” said Judith Sunderland, senior Western Europe researcher at Human Rights ...
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Romanian princess Irina Walker, husband sentenced to probation for roles in cockfighting ring

A Romanian princess was sentenced Wednesday to probation after apologizing for her role in an Oregon cockfighting enterprise that she said brought shame to her and her family.

"I'm very sorry about my involvement in this business," Irina Walker told a federal judge before she was given three years' probation. "It was not my intention to go against the law."
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