Peter Thiel Is Taking Human Growth Hormone In Hopes Of Living To 120

NOW WATCH: Here's What It Feels Like To Drink The Hallucinogenic Amazonian Brew Ayahuasca!
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What “Serial” Really Taught Us

The final episode of the first season of “Serial”—the podcast to end all podcasts—came out this morning. The series has given us a lot to think about. Like other devotees, I’ve listened to many episodes more than once, felt sympathy for Adnan Syed and the loved ones of Hae Min Lee, confusion about Jay, and even more confusion about the cell-phone evidence. I’ve felt a listener’s kinship with the host, Sarah Koenig, and made jokes about MailChimp and the shrimp sale at the Crab ...
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In Israel, Mocking Hipsters Is Now a Political Statement

There’s an old Jewish joke that begins with two Jews being dragged by anti-Semites before a firing squad. One of the Jews cries out, “I am innocent! You must stop this barbarous act!” And the other Jew elbows him in the ribs and hisses, “Quiet down! You’ll upset them!”

It is the mentality of the second Jew, now dressed up as a Tel Avivian hipster, that Israeli politician Naftali Bennett pillories in a new ad in advance of the upcoming Israeli elections. Bennett, an erstwhile tech ...
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A Lost Purple Pigment, Where Quantum Physics and the Terracotta Warriors Collide

A lost pigment called Han purple appeared in the Zhou dynasty and faded out sometime near 220 AD; art didn’t see a purple as vivid until 19th-century manufacturing. Han purple has strange properties: when exposed to extremely low temperatures, magnetic waves going through the pigment lose their third dimension.
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GOP gives feds’ college rating plan an F

The Obama administration will soon publish its plan to rate more than 6,000 colleges nationwide based on the value they provide to students and to society.

The goal is to steer billions in federal financial aid toward the colleges that rate highly — and to yank funds from those that fail to meet administration standards on yardsticks such as the graduation rate, the cost of tuition or the percentage of low-income students on campus.
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'Serial' and White Reporter Privilege

Serial, the hit crime podcast from the hit podcast makers at This American Life, is an immigrant story. Adnan Syed, the man currently serving a life sentence for the murder of Hae-Min Lee, comes from a Muslim family; the deceased is the daughter of Korean immigrants. Sarah Koenig, the journalist telling their story, is white. This, on its face, is not a problem. If Serial were a newspaper story or even a traditional magazine feature, the identities of all three could exist alone as facts; the ...
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New Zealand couple manages to lock themselves in keyless car for 13 hours

According to New Zealand’s Otago Daily Times, a series of unfortunate events led to Alexandra, New Zealand, residents Mollieanne and Brian Smith suffering through a 13-hour-long ordeal in the front seats of their Mazda3 hatchback last month. The couple apparently got into their car without the car’s wireless key fob and somehow managed to lock the doors—and then couldn’t figure out how to get out.

The Times explains that the couple’s inability to unlock the doors stemmed from "a ...
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Stop Resisting: How to Get Arrested at an Eric Garner Protest

My name is Da?ay Burnett. I am a 17-year-old senior at Beacon High School. On December 3, 2014, I was arrested, along with about 50 others, for peacefully protesting the Eric Garner decision.

I was in my after-school poetry club when my friend Senegal announced to the group that the jury had chosen not to indict Daniel Pantaleo, the officer who killed Eric Garner.
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Nebraska and Oklahoma sue Colorado over marijuana legalization

Two neighboring states are asking the U.S. Supreme Court to strike down Colorado's laws legalizing recreational marijuana.

Nebraska and Oklahoma filed the lawsuit directly with the nation's highest court on Thursday. The two states argue that, "the State of Colorado has created a dangerous gap in the federal drug control system."
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Satanic display approved for Detroit capitol lawn

The group will display a "Snaketivity Scene" each day from Dec. 21-23, featuring a snake, a book symbolizing knowledge and a message that "the greatest gift is knowledge," Blackmore said. The group says it doesn't worship Satan and describes itself as a collective of Satanists, secularists and advocates for individual liberty.
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Paramount Cancels Team America Screenings Because Everyone's a Coward

In the wake of Sony Pictures canceling its release of The Interview, some theaters with actual balls opted to show Team America: World Police as a protest. No such luck. In a truly staggering act of cowardice, Paramount appears to be telling theaters to shut it all down.
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Judge: Slender Man stabbing defendants competent

Two Wisconsin girls accused of stabbing a classmate to please the fantasy character Slender Man are fit to stand trial, a judge ruled Thursday.

State experts concluded that both girls were competent, but their attorneys contested those conclusions. Waukesha County Circuit Judge Michael Bohren held back-to-back hearings for both girls Thursday to decide.
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Federal judge to decide if Oklahoma can resume executions

[holy shit, guys]

Court documents filed last week by the inmates’ attorneys indicate that staff training was inadequate or nonexistent, there was no contingency plan and that the prison was ill-equipped and had to borrow medical supplies. The doctor who inserted the IV line into Lockett said the prison’s needles were the wrong length.

In the build-up, Oklahoma – in common with several other states in recent years – struggled to source execution drugs. The process appeared to be less ...
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The Dutch rode horses on their highways during the 1970s oil crisis

The oil crisis of the 1970s meant that Americans had to wait in long lines to fill up their cars. But in the Netherlands, the government decided that the best way to conserve fuel was to ban cars for one day a week. How did people cope? They took their horses on the highway.
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Marissa Mayer's misadventures running Yahoo

As concerns with Q.P.R.s escalated, employees asked if an entire F.Y.I. could be devoted to anonymous questions on the topic. One November afternoon, Mayer took the stage at URL’s as hundreds of Yahoo employees packed the cafeteria. Mayer explained that she had sifted through the various questions on the internal network, but she wanted to begin instead with something else. Mayer composed herself and began reading from a book, “Bobbie Had a Nickel,” about a little boy who gets a nickel ...
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Texas plumber reports phone threats after truck spotted in Syrian war photo

Houston-area plumbing company owner has been getting threatening phone calls after one of his former work trucks turned up in a photograph on a Twitter feed that appears to show a militant group fighting in Syria’s civil war.

Jeff Oberholtzer traded in a Ford F-250 more than a year ago that bore the name of his father’s 32-year old family business “Mark-1 Plumbing” in large white letters on the door as well as the company’s phone number, according to local reports.

In the photo on ...
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Nativity donkey squashed by fat fan

Updated: A man described as obese has been arrested after he gatecrashed a live nativity scene in southern Spain and jumped onto the back of young donkey. The animal died two days later.
The 38-year-old was arrested after he jumped over a fence and leapt on to the donkey, named Platero, who was part of a nativity scene in the town of Lucena, near Córdoba, Spanish TV station La Sexta reported on Wednesday.

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More than a dozen puppies recovered after being stolen from Manchester pet store

Manchester police said four teenagers are accused of breaking into Bill's Pet and Aquarium and taking 13 puppies.

"We had chocolate Labs, a Chihuahua, two Cockapoos, a Yorkie and a Maltese and a couple great Pyrenees mixes," said Bill Sturgeon, owner of Bill's Pet and Aquarium.
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Hillsborough inquests hear claims of 'masonic conspiracy'

The Hillsborough inquests heard claims of a “masonic conspiracy” in South Yorkshire Police after the disaster, in which 96 people died.

Retired PC Maxwell Groome, who was stationed on the perimeter track by the Spion Kop end of the Hillsborough stadium on April 15, 1989, said in the days after the disaster there were rumours of a “substantial meeting” of senior officers in a portable cabin in the car park of Hammerton Road police station.
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Queen abdication rumours denied by palace after Coral bookmaker suspends betting on her standing down in Christmas speech

Buckingham Palace has been forced to deny rumours the Queen is to stand down in her Christmas Day broadcast, after a bookmaker said it was suspending bet following a flurry of “unusual” activity.

Coral said it had been offering odds of 10-1 that the monarch would stand down during the address, which goes out at 3pm in every Commonwealth nation.
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