Human Garbage Shares His Crazed Fantasy On T.V.

"It's cheaper to buy a $35,000 robot arm than it is to hire an employee who's inefficient making $15 an hour bagging French fries" Said Ed Rensi, former CEO of McDonald's on Fox.

Ed: Hahahahahahahaha, yeah right.
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John Denver’s Testimony At The PMRC Hearings Was Transcendently Good

You’ve seen VH1, you either remember, or have seen reenactments starring Dee Snyder thereof, the Parents Music Resource Center hearings of the mid-80s, where a group of Congressmen’s wives (what a sentence!) tried to enact a stricter music ratings system, and how it didn’t work out too great for said wives, and how Frank Zappa yelled at everybody, but what you mayhap weren’t in knowingment of was that John Denver gave the sweetest, sincerest, John Muir-iest testimony of all time before ...
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Jumpsuits, Stunts And Shooters: Inside Maryland’s Almost-Forgotten Show Band Scene

Pete Margus retired in October after 30 years in the wine business. The Takoma Park native lives with his wife in Selbyville, Delaware, near Ocean City and far away from the stress of working life. Especially during the coastal town’s offseason, he says, “it’s a very simple, uncomplicated lifestyle.”

It wasn’t always that way for Margus. There was a time that he wouldn’t think twice about wearing a flaming red wig and playing guitar onstage in a Ronald McDonald costume. That outfit ...
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Las Vegas judge handcuffs public defender in courtroom

Las Vegas Justice of the Peace Conrad Hafen said he wanted to teach the lawyer about courtroom etiquette.

“You need to have order in a courtroom,” Hafen later told the Las Vegas Review-Journal. “And there needs to be proper decorum with attorneys.”
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How a mysterious ghost ship brought cosmic disco to Cape Verde

A new compilation documents the strange history of the African country’s groove-laden sound, formed following the discovery of a boatload of synths
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A Huge, Huge Deal

Simple fact: It's hard to feel too much sympathy when a publication gets sued for publishing excerpts of someone's sex tape. But some new information emerged this morning that, in my mind, significantly changes the picture.
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The Many Ways The Media Gets Around Saying [Groin]

In the hours after Game 3 of the Western Conference Finals, the entire NBA-watching universe found itself poring over various angles of Draymond Green kicking Steven Adams right in the penis. Green was at risk of being suspended for Game 4, and suddenly the punchline was vital to the outcome of the NBA playoffs.

Just as suddenly, reporters had to describe what had happened.
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Why don’t women celebrate their travel accomplishments the way they celebrate engagements?

It reminds me of the “Sex and City” episode when Carrie realizes the total amount of money she has spent on a friend’s engagement gifts, wedding gifts, and baby shower gifts — all money spent “celebrating her friend’s choices.” She wonders why it’s somehow impolite to question the money spent on these choices, and meanwhile so preposterous to suggest celebrating the positive choices single people make all the time.

“Hallmark doesn’t make a “Congratulations You Didn’t ...
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'They're here for therapy': Houston's 'rage room' a smash as economy struggles

Facilities across the US are offering angry people the chance to smash things to their heart’s delight – but experts warn that any satisfaction is only temporary
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1970s Stock portraits

For when you need a shot of "reclining businessman with shoes."
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What's your name, Stud? Meet the world's most handsome horse, Frederik, whose lustrous mane changes style according to his mood and drives the fillies wild

daily mail weighs in on fuckability of horse
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Dems discuss dropping Wasserman Schultz

Democrats on Capitol Hill are discussing whether Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz should step down as Democratic National Committee (DNC) chairwoman before the party’s national convention in July.

Democrats backing likely presidential nominee Hillary Clinton worry Wasserman Schultz has become too divisive a figure to unify the party in 2016, which they say is crucial to defeating presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump in November.
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Nothing Left

The atrophy of political imagination shows up in approaches to strategy as well. In the absence of goals that require long-term organizing — e.g., single-payer health care, universally free public higher education and public transportation, federal guarantees of housing and income security — the election cycle has come to exhaust the time horizon of political action. Objectives that cannot be met within one or two election cycles seem fanciful, as do any that do not comport with the ...
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Drug firms fueled ‘pill mills’ in rural WV

Over five years, the nation’s largest drug wholesalers flooded notorious “pill mill” pharmacies in West Virginia’s smallest towns and poorest counties with hundreds of thousands of painkillers, according to court records the companies had sought to keep secret for more than a year. The prescription drug distributors shipped large quantities of oxycodone and hydrocodone tablets to small towns like War, Kermit, Oceana, Van and Crab Orchard, supplying mom-and-pop pharmacies that filled ...
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The Adult Baby Carriage is Here and It's Creepy

The adult-sized stroller isn't actually for sale, but Kolcraft is receiving so many requests from adults on Twitter to make it a reality so that their kids or spouse can push them around. Still, the stroller is the size of a small car, so it might get pretty dangerous.

Still, being able to nap while getting pushed down a busy city street might be pretty cool.

The marketing team and agency FCB Chicago say that they designed the baby carriage so that parents would feel comfortable with how ...
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The idea that political civility is a necessary element of political discourse—one which is meant to emulate a kind of ideal courtroom politesse—is a bourgeois conviction. Expressions of civility are said to uphold democratic standards and tame violent language, and are therefore considered hallmarks of respectability and, mostly importantly, of enlightenment.

In a report from 2004 entitled Democracy Online, Zizi Papacharissi, professor and communications department head at the University ...
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How My Parody Parody Twitter Account Got Hacked by ISIS

It’s the one sentence no expectant parent wants to hear: “Your Twitter parody account has been hacked by the notorious terror organization known as ISIS.”

For the record, I’m not an expectant parent. But I did hear that sentence, or one very close to it, and it really stressed me out, so if I were an expectant parent, I imagine I would have been even more stressed out, what with the pregnancy and the hormones and everything.
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Kenneth Starr reportedly fired as Baylor president amid football team sexual assault scandal

Baylor President and Chancellor Kenneth Starr, best known for his investigation of the Clinton administration, reportedly has been fired by the Board of Regents in the wake of a sexual assault scandal involving the school and its football team.
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Kenneth Starr, Who Tried to Bury Bill Clinton, Now Only Praises Him

An unlikely voice recently bemoaned the decline of civility in presidential politics, warned that “deep anger” was fueling an “almost radical populism” and sang the praises of former President Bill Clinton — particularly his “redemptive” years of philanthropic work since leaving the White House.

The voice was that of Kenneth W. Starr, the former Whitewater independent counsel, whose Javert-like pursuit of Mr. Clinton in the 1990s helped bring a new intensity to partisan warfare ...
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If lawyers make too much money why is Matt Bruenig panhandling on the internet?

Matt Bruenig: "Right now, it is objectively great that supply is outpacing demand for lawyers, especially for entry-level lawyers. That means downward wage pressure and less money spent on lawyers. But I am saying we need to ramp it up further. We need absolutely merciless downward salary pressure on lawyers until they reach a much more reasonable and decent median salary. This is a long-run project, but one worth undertaking, and one reducing credentialing requirements will aid. We might have ...
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