Why Facebook Just Launched Its Own ‘Dark Web’ Site

Facebook has never had much of a reputation for letting users hide their identities online. But now the world’s least anonymous website has just joined the Web’s most anonymous network.

In a first-of-its-kind move for a Silicon Valley giant, Facebook on Friday launched a Tor hidden service, a version of its website that runs the anonymity software Tor. That new site, which can only be accessed by users running the Tor software, bounces users’ connections through three extra encrypted ...
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Protesters Storm, Burn Burkina Faso Parliament

Ouagadougou, the capital of Burkina Faso, has been the scene of violent protests today, as demonstrators vent their anger over a proposal to extend President Blaise Compaore's 27-year rule. The storming of the parliament building today marked the culmination of several days of demonstrations. A reported 1,500 protesters ransacked offices and set buildings, documents, equipment, and vehicles ablaze. Security forces attempted to control the crowds using tear gas and live rounds. Emergency ...
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Pirate Bay Founder Convicted on Hacking Charges, Sentenced to 3.5 Years

The founder of the file-sharing site Pirate Bay was found guilty today in Denmark on hacking charges unrelated to the web site.

Swedish national Gottfrid Svartholm was found guilty of hacking into servers belonging to the U.S. technology firm CSC after being partially acquitted of other hacking charges in Sweden.

In the Danish case, Svartholm and a 21-year-old Danish accomplice were accused of hacking CSC’s servers in April 2012 and remaining inside for four months, stealing and altering ...
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Philadelphia City Council approves hate-crime measure, moves to regulate the use of drones

City Council unanimously approved a measure on Thursday that would make it a crime to harm someone because of sexual orientation, gender identity, or disabilities.

The proposal was triggered by the Sept. 11 assault on a gay couple in Center City.

In that case, police arrested three people but could not charge them with a hate crime because neither state law nor the city code makes it a crime to harm someone because of sexual orientation.
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Man with ‘strong Christian beliefs’ nearly decapitates son of Oklahoma state trooper in grisly murder: cops

An Oklahoma “religious zealot” and heavy drug user nearly decapitated an acquaintance before calling 911 and admitting to the grisly slaying, police said.

Isaiah Marin, 21, ran from the Stillwater apartment Wednesday afternoon before being caught by police, covered in blood and still armed with the large blade, according to an arrest affidavit.

Following a trail of blood, cops found 19-year-old Jacob Crockett dead inside a nearby apartment.

The teen was the son of an Oklahoma Highway ...
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St. Petersburg lawmaker says openly gay Apple CEO Tim Cook should be banned from Russia

What could he bring us? The Ebola virus, AIDS, gonorrhea? They all have unseemly ties over there,' Vitaly Milonov, a member of the St. Petersburg City Council told the FlashNord website.

Milonov added: 'Ban him for life.'

Milonov's reaction is not all that surprising since it was he who came up with a 'gay propaganda' law in St. Petersburg which was the model for a controversial federal law in Russia which makes it illegal for anyone to show any kind of public support for homosexuality.
- See ...
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Man's own dog helps police track him down

the rule this time.
A drug suspect is behind bars after his own dog helped police track him down.
Police say Edwin Henderson took off when two drug officers arrived at his home Wednesday with a search warrant.
An investigator pointed to a fleeing Henderson and told his dog Bo "go get him."
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Most Planets in the Universe are Homeless

“You cannot be lonely if you like the person you’re alone with.” -Wayne Dyer

It’s really a romantic notion when you think about it: the heavens, the Milky Way, is lined with hundreds of billions of stars, each with their own unique and varied stories of birth and history. Some of them are massive and bright, some are smaller and dim; some were born only a few million years ago, others are nearly as old as the Universe themselves. But there is one thing that practically all of them are ...
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Hidden leopard-skin G-string exposed

News that a group of Swedish scientists had been planting Bob Dylan song titles into papers had other academics emailing each other with similar challenges. That was until it transpired that one Swiss-French professor had already gone far further – with a reference to mothers in leopard-print G-strings.
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Switzerland's shame: The children used as cheap farm labour

Thousands of people in Switzerland who were forced into child labour are demanding compensation for their stolen childhoods. Since the 1850s hundreds of thousands of Swiss children were taken from their parents and sent to farms to work - a practice that continued well into the 20th Century.
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Sexual Fantasies: Threesomes Are Normal, Golden Showers Not So Much

Fantasizing about sex with two women is common but fantasizing about being urinated on - called a golden shower - is not.

That's just one of the findings from a research project on sexual deviation undertaken by scholars at Institut universitaire en santé mentale de Montréal and Institut Philippe-Pinel de Montréal.

Deviant sexual fantasies are addressed in numerous speculations and conjectures by psychologists but atypical fantasies (paraphilias) are so subjective they aren't really ...
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Camels are psychopaths who will kill you over a can of Coke

Tulum civil defence official Alberto Canto said: "The camel kicked and bit him practically to death, and when he was almost dead, he sat on him.

"Between the blows and the weight of the camel on top of him, he was asphyxiated."

He said one version of events was that Mr Mileski "would always give him a Coca-Cola to drink, and apparently, that day he didn't give him the Coca-Cola."
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Revisiting a Pre-Stonewall LGBT Sit-In

The sit-in at Dewey's, which occurred at a Philadelphia restaurant in the spring of 1965, is not as well-known as the Stonewall Riots, but it deserves wider recognition.

On the evening of Sunday, April 25, 1965, staff at the diner turned away more than 150 people they believed to be LGBT. According to the August 1965 issue of Drum magazine, which mixed beefcake pictorials with news for gay men, the restaurant's staff refused "to serve a large number of homosexuals and persons wearing ...
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Illinois teacher calls Jamaican students ‘n*gger’ after they object to ‘African-American’

fficials at an Illinois school said this week that a substitute teacher would not be allowed to work in the school after she allegedly called two students the N-word because they objected to being called African-American.

Eighth graders Mea Thompson and Zaria Daniel told WMAQ that they were working in a Social Studies group with two other students at Jay Stream Middle School last Wednesday when the substitute teacher referred to them as “African-American.”

“All four of us that were ...
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Georgia GOP county chair accused of attempted rape after crime is broadcast live on Skype

he chair of a county Republican Party in Georgia was recently arrested after he was allegedly broadcast on Skype sexually assaulting and attempting to rape a woman.

On Wednesday, the North Georgia News reported that Union County Republican Party Chairman Billy Joe Turnage, 76, was facing charges of sexual battery and criminal attempt to commit rape.

Union County Sheriff Investigator Staff Sgt. Darren Osborn told the paper that 911 dispatchers received a report of an ongoing “assault and ...
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Goblins: The Fungal Body Politic

Goblins: how do they work?

Okay, maybe this isn’t the Great Question of Our Time, but this is my airspace and I can write about goblins if I damn well please.

Goblins are a standard fantasy setting element deriving from folklore and more proximately (as with many other standard fantasy setting elements) from Tolkien. Tolkien abandoned the term “goblin” after The Hobbit, though, preferring “orc.” Goblins as gamers recognize them today spring largely from Gygax et. al.’s use of ...
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Globally-Ranked Pro StrongMan Is Made Stronger By Revealing He Loves Men

Rob Kearney did not roll out of bed on October 20th thinking he would change the world. He just went about his day.

Of course, one of Rob's days is a lot more – how shall I put it? A lot more macho than the rest of us. With his imposing shoulders and rebellious mohaked hair, Rob Kearney is undoubtedly a certain type of red-blooded man's man; the type of powerhouse that holds the rest of us guys absolutely dumbstruck.

The guy moves quite literally tons of weight each week with nothing ...
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‘Atheist creationists’ say their study proves there is no Jesus in your communion wafer

A DNA analysis proves that Holy Communion is a “fraud,” according to a hedonistic religious sect that believes humans were created by extraterrestrials about 25,000 years ago.

The Association of Raelian Scientists published a study on October 25 they say refutes the Catholic claim of transubstantiation, in which bread and wine and actually become the physical body and blood of Jesus Christ.

“Nobody can contest a simple DNA test like that conducted by our scientists,” Brigitte ...
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Gay Activist David Mixner: I Mercy Killed 8 People

Please don’t get me sent to jail,” says David Mixner, the leading gay activist and former adviser to Bill Clinton, laughing nervously.

It is the morning after. We are speaking about Mixner’s emotional on-stage confession—unelicited by anyone but himself—Monday night to the assisted suicides he oversaw of friends dying of AIDS in the 1980s. As Mixner bluntly revealed during Oh Hell No!, his one-man autobiographical stage show: “I killed eight.” One of those eight was his beloved ...
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Starting From the Bottom

I didn’t start out wanting to be a journalist, let alone one who worked at one of the biggest publications in the world. As the first person in my family to go to a reputable, sleepaway, four-year university, my career goals were simple. I wanted a job with a salary and good benefits, especially dental, because I have a terrible sweet tooth. But it didn’t work out that way, at least not at first. Everything about college baffled me; nothing I studied or did adequately prepared me for ...
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