New 'Facebook for rich people' costs just $9,000 to join

Don't you just hate it when you want to talk about is your latest all-nighter in Ibiza or how Jeeves packed the wrong Rolex for last weekend's Hamptons excursion, but your Facebook friends are all "Help me, I'm poor!"

Not to worry, Netropolitan is here to save you from having to hob-knob with undesirable 99 percenters. And it will only cost you $9,000 a year.
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Gummy Bear Penis Recalled After Public Outcry

Parents in New Zealand were served quite a treat when a visit to the candy store turned out to be a traumatic experience. Gummy bears, a treat popular with kids across the world, got to the wrong side of parents when gummies shaped in the form of penises were found inside the packs. The inappropriately shaped gummies caused furor and uproar from the larger conservative South Island public, branding the lollies as offensive.

Dutch Rusk, a New Zealand Company, made a huge recall of their Dragon ...
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Police: Teen Rubbed Genitals on Customer’s Pizza

GEORGETOWN, Texas (KXAN) – A Georgetown man is facing charges after a customer caught him rubbing his genitals on a pizza at a take and bake pizza store.

According to court records, Austin Michael Symonds is facing a charge of tampering with consumer product after the customer says he saw Symonds rubbing his scrotum on his family sized stuffed pizza with Canadian bacon, pineapple and extra cheese at the Papa Murphy’s on Williams Drive in Georgetown.

The customer told police he confronted ...
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Egyptian police use dating sites to hunt down gay people

Though homosexuality is not illegal in Egypt, police have been using social media and smartphone applications to hunt down and arrest gays and lesbians. Two gay Egyptians, who hide their sexuality and live in fear of being arrested, tell us their story.

A week ago, seven men were arrested after they appeared in a video showing a marriage ceremony between two men. The footage showed a gay couple exchanging vows and rings under a traditional canopy on a boat on the Nile, in the presence of a ...
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Florida man kills his sister at her 40th birthday party while attempting ‘Tombstone’ gun stunt

Florida woman was shot and killed over the weekend when her brother unsuccessfully attempted to re-enact some fancy gunplay from the movie “Tombstone.”

In the 1993 classic western, actor Michael Biehn, as Johnny Ringo, elaborately twirls his pistol during a barroom showdown with Val Kilmer, as Doc Holliday.

Eric Stayton attempted the same stunt Saturday night at his home in Chaires, where about a dozen friends and relatives were celebrating the birthdays of his sister, 39-year-old Renee ...
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Snackwave: A Comprehensive Guide To The Internet's Saltiest Meme

What we’ve written here is merely a guide to understanding the rise of this very Internet 3.0-specific aesthetic. Snackwave is no longer a lowbrow joke bonding tweens across Twitter feeds and Tumblr blogs. It’s being co-opted by corporate Twitter accounts and fashion companies, both of whom are seeking to talk just like their ‘net-savvy young consumers.
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Xerox fights over one million Florida children

The Florida agency responsible for handling child support payments is being accused of violating the state's Sunshine Law.

A Tallahassee employee for Xerox on Wednesday filed a lawsuit in Leon County alleging that the Department of Revenue held secret meetings related to a decision to award a nearly $50 million contract. An employee filed the lawsuit because corporations can't file lawsuits dealing with Sunshine Law violations.

…Xerox had already filed an administrative complaint aimed at ...
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Canon printer hacked to run Doom

The hack was carried out by security researcher Michael Jordon, and it took four months to get the game running on the hardware.

"The web interface has no user name or password on it," he said.

At first glance, the remote access feature did not look like a problem, until Mr Jordon realised it was possible to update the printer's controlling software, known as firmware, via the interface too.
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Feds Sue Corinthian Colleges For Pushing More Than $560M In Predatory Loans On Students

An investigation by the CFPB found that since July 2011 Corinthian has lured tens of thousands of students at Heald College, Everest University and WyoTech to take out private student loans to cover expensive tuition costs by advertising bogus job prospects and career services.
The CFPB alleges in a lawsuit that Corinthian then used illegal debt collection tactics to harass students into paying back those loans while still in school.
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Was early Earth covered in HELLFIRE? Nope - more like a wet Sunday night in Iceland

The early Earth may have been less like the hellish realm of molten magma previously suspected but also distinct from the sort of environment found in modern-day Iceland, according to new research by geologists.

The Earth had already formed oceans, continents and an active crustal plates by the time it was 500 million years old, scientists reckon. This view of the Hadean, Earth’s first geologic eon, has been refined by a study comparing zircon crystals that formed during this time around ...
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Why I’m Not a Liberal

I was standing in the National Mall, surrounded by nearly a quarter million people, when I realized I wasn’t a liberal. (...)
Standing in the crowd, I felt my eyebrows furrow. True, the antics of cable news conflict do nothing to contribute to the national discourse. True, most American citizens are more complex than the buffoons we rightly dismiss as “pundits.” Yet for all their shameless spectacle-making, the talking heads of the national news media do get one thing right: There are ...
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The Severe Effects of Masturbation: 1914.

Non-procreative sex has long been seen as a terrible problem in Western society. Biblical prohibitions against adultery, onanism (masturbation), and lying with a man as one lies with a woman are obvious sources for that disdain of sex for sex’s sake. Add to that the scourge of the clap (gonorrhea) and, worse, the pox (syphilis), both of which were incurable for several centuries and only reinforced the perceived dangers of all forms of non-procreative sex, including masturbation. Today, we ...
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Destiny Review Scores May Cost Bungie A $2.5 Million Bonus

Destiny is not getting great review scores. In fact, it's getting resoundingly mediocre review scores—as of right now, Bungie's ambitious shooter has a 76.29% on GameRankings and a 77 on Metacritic.

That's certainly not the type of critical reception Activision was hoping for when they pumped half a billion (!) dollars into this franchise, and the mediocre reception may wind up costing Bungie a great deal of money, if their 2010 contract is still active. Turns out those review scores—those ...
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The little-known Soviet mission to rescue a dead space station

It’s getting dark, and Vladimir Dzhanibekov is cold. He has a flashlight, but no gloves. Gloves make it difficult to work, and he needs to work quickly. His hands are freezing, but it doesn’t matter. His crew’s water supplies are limited, and if they don’t fix the station in time to thaw out its water supply, they’ll have to abandon it and go home, but the station is too important to let that happen. Quickly, the sun sets. Working with the flashlight by himself is cumbersome, so ...
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In Florida Student Assaults, an Added Burden on Accusers

Now an examination of other cases from recent years shows a pattern to the handling of sexual assault complaints by Florida State students: After an accuser makes a police report and submits to a medical rape exam, the police ask if she wants them to investigate, and if she does not explicitly agree, they drop the case, often calling her uncooperative.
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Rabid bat attacks, bites Oregon man jamming on guitar

CLACKAMAS COUNTY, Ore. -- A Gresham man was bit by a rabid bat while he was camping in Clackamas County.

“This thing came out of nowhere,” Derrick Skou said. “I was thinking it was a good day until then.”

Skou was playing guitar, and jamming with friends at a campsite when it happened. The attack was caught on video. Skou says he wanted to record it because he felt they were playing well.
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Who’s Paying the Pro-War Pundits?

Left unsaid during his media appearances (and left unmentioned on his congressional witness disclosure form) are Keane’s other gigs: as special adviser to Academi, the contractor formerly known as Blackwater; as a board member to tank and aircraft manufacturer General Dynamics; a “venture partner” to SCP Partners, an investment firm that partners with defense contractors, including XVionics, an “operations management decision support system” company used in Air Force drone training; ...
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Deepika Padukone: Why Bollywood stars are speaking out on sexism

India's leading newspaper The Times of India has been fiercely criticised after it published a photo and tweet about actress Deepika Padukone's cleavage. But Padukone is not the first Bollywood star to clash with the media recently.

"OMG: Deepika Padukone's cleavage show," the paper tweeted alongside a photo of her from an event last year.

Thousands joined Bollywood celebrities in condemning the newspaper and praising Padukone for speaking out against the tweet.

Her indignant reply - "YES! I ...
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Philadelphia: Gay Couple Beaten in Possible Hate Crime Attack

A violent attack on two gay men in Center City Thursday night left one of those men in the hospital with multiple fractures, according to sources.
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Rosetta's Amazing 10-Year Space Journey

More than a decade ago, the European Space Agency launched an orbiter named Rosetta, bound on a circuitous voyage to comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko. In the years since, Rosetta has been drawn in and flung along by multiple gravity assist maneuvers, visiting the Earth three times and making observations of the Moon, Mars, and several asteroids and comets. In January of this year, after 31 months of hibernation, Rosetta re-awoke, nearing comet 67P. Recently, it approached to within 100 km of the ...
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