Burn After Reading

Written by nineteen-year-old William Powell, The Anarchist Cookbook included sections such as “Converting a shotgun into a grenade launcher” and “How to make TNT.” The book’s message wasn’t subtle. In the forward, Powell expressed “a sincere hope that it may stir some stagnant brain cells into action.” The final sentence reads: “Freedom is based on respect, and respect must be earned by the spilling of blood.” When it was published, in January 1971, Powell was young and ...
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Richard Mack, Sheriff Who Refused Obamacare, Now Begs Strangers For Cash To Pay Medical Bills

Richard Mack, former sheriff of Graham County, Arizona, who became better known as a virulent opponent of the national health care law known as “Obamacare,” is now begging for money from strangers online to pay medical bills for himself and his wife — because they refused to buy into an Obamacare health plan and as a result, have no insurance.
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Apple Watch will replace your car keys, says Tim Cook

Crucially, Cook believes that the Apple Watch will help create a new blockbuster product category. There are already smatwatches on the market, just as there were MP3 players before the iPod and smartphones before the iPhone. But he believes that the Apple Watch will revolutionise the market and become "the modern smartwatch" - the only one anybody wants to buy.
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Two gorgeous new species of peacock spiders nicknamed "Skeletorus" and"Sparklemuffin" have been discovered in Australia, according to a new report.

Peacock spiders are so-named because of their bright colors and their dancelike, courtship rituals.
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South Carolina college scrutinized for 'biblical' stance on homosexuality

The college, affiliated with the Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church, held that sexual intimacy is only appropriate between a man and woman who are married.
"We believe the Bible teaches that all sexual activity outside the covenant of marriage is sinful," said the statement adopted by the college in Due West, South Carolina.
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Tourists who pose nude at Cambodia's ancient temples expose themselves to anger, deportation

Cambodia's most popular tourist attraction — the complex of ancient temples that includes Angkor Wat — is suffering from a form of overexposure: At least five foreign visitors have been arrested and deported this year for taking nude photos at the sacred sites.
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‘No You’re Not!’ Former NSA Chief Heckled for Calling Himself a ‘Libertarian’ at CPAC

During remarks at today’s 2015 Conservative Political Action Conference, former NSA chief Gen. Michael Hayden had the audacity to claim he is a “libertarian,” prompting boos and jeers from the audience.
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Mystical 8-Year-Old Is Worshipped, Bestowed With Gifts by Wild Crows

In Seattle, a flock of crows has located their god to exalt and glorify and present with adoration and precious gifts. Katy Sewall, at BBC News Magazine and the Bittersweet Life, reports that after 8-year-old Gabi Mann feeds the birds in her yard each day, they bestow shiny trash upon her.
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Russian opposition leader Boris Nemtsov reported killed in Moscow

MOSCOW — Boris Nemtsov, a longtime Russian opposition leader and sharp critic of President Vladi­mir Putin, was shot and killed in central Moscow, the Russian Interior Ministry said early Saturday.

Nemtsov, a central figure in Russian political life since the breakup of the Soviet Union, was a longtime leader of the opposition to Putin. He was one of the leaders of an opposition rally planned for Sunday.
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Bees can experience false memories, scientists say

Now, researchers at Queen Mary University of London have shown for the first time that insects, too, can create false memories. Using a classic Pavlovian experiment, co-authors Kathryn Hunt and Lars Chittka determined that bumblebees sometimes combine the details of past memories to form new ones. Their findings were published today in Current Biology.
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Samsung, LG, and Vizio smart TVs are recording—and sharing data about—everything you watch

What that means is that the TVs are sending data to third parties on everything you watch, whether it's a TV broadcast, a streaming movie, a YouTube video, or a DVD from your private collection. And it’s not just Samsung—LG and Vizio are also harvesting data about their customers’ viewing habits. All these manufacturers have been embedding the functionality into many of their smart TVs, in some cases since 2012.

The technology is known in the television business as automatic content ...
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Net neutrality could hinder efforts to safeguard Web, worry security experts

Some security experts worry Thursday’s net neutrality ruling could limit broadband providers when it comes to rooting out malicious Internet traffic.
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Scientists stick it to climate deniers: Study provides direct evidence that human activity is causing global warming

People who continue to deny that human activity is directly impacting climate change (looking at you, Inhofe) had better pay attention to this one: scientists, for the first time, have provided direct observational evidence that carbon dioxide is trapping heat in the atmosphere.
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Jodie Foster Is Developing a Comedy About a Woman Whose Mother Is a Dog

t's the classic comedy setup: Alcoholic woman rescues a dog, alcoholic woman realizes the dog is her reincarnated mother, alcoholic woman decides to get sober to make her dog proud of her.
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New York High Court: Lying About HIV Status Can Support Misdemeanor Reckless Endangerment, but Not Felony

ALBANY, N.Y. — An HIV-positive man who told a partner that they could safely have unprotected sex should face a misdemeanor reckless endangerment charge, not a felony, New York's highest court ruled Thursday.

The Court of Appeals said Terrance Williams didn't expose his partner "out of any malevolent desire" to give him the virus that causes AIDS, though he lied about having the infection and his partner did get sick. The court said the Syracuse man didn't show "depraved indifference," which ...
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Home-schooled and illiterate

But in the end, Hogaboom declines to discuss the topic at all, urging me instead to read alternative theories of education she thinks I may have missed. And just in case I don’t understand that she has dismissed the concerns I raise, she concludes our email discussion by saying: “I get a laugh [at] how many grown-ups enjoy talking amongst themselves about what’s best for children” – and following it up with a smiley emoticon.

Though I am frustrated by her failure to engage with me, ...
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American atheist blogger hacked to death in Bangladesh

A prominent American blogger of Bangladeshi origin has been hacked to death with machetes by unidentified assailants in Dhaka, after he allegedly received threats from Islamists.

The body of Avijit Roy, founder of the Mukto-Mona (Free-mind) blog site – which champions liberal secular writing in the Muslim-majority nation – was found covered in blood after an attack that also left his wife critically wounded.
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Elon Musk to waste phenomenal quantities of cash

Hyperloop Transportation Technologies, the company that wants to move the revolutionary transit system out of Elon Musk’s brain into the real world, plans to start construction on an actual hyperloop next year.

OK, it will only run five miles around central California, and it won’t come anywhere close to the 800 mph Musk promised, but it’s a start.
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Arkansas Panel Rejects 'Conscience-Protection' Measure

A proposal to prevent state and local governments from infringing on a person's religious beliefs failed before an Arkansas legislative panel Wednesday after facing mounting criticism that it was an attempt to justify discriminating against gays and lesbians.

The Senate Judiciary Committee rejected the "conscience protection" measure, a day after retail giant Wal-Mart said the measure sent the wrong message about its home state and Republican Gov. Asa Hutchinson said he had reservations about ...
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CPAC attendees plan to walk out on Jeb Bush

A movement is underway to stage an informal protest when former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush hits the CPAC stage Friday.

William Temple, a member of the Golden Isle Tea Party, told The Washington Times that the party doesn’t need another Bush in office, and said that the party should listen to the grass-roots activists that helped fuel their gains in the 2014 election.

“A lot of peoples were not going to come here because they heard Jeb Bush was speaking,” Mr. Temple said before laying out his ...
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