Playmobil says 'racist' toy is meant to be a pirate who is a former slave

The Playmobil toy company has claimed a dark-skinned figure wearing a neck shackle was meant to “represent a pirate who was a former slave in a historical context” after a mother complained that it was racist.

Ida Lockett of Sacramento, California, was horrified when she saw the instructions to her five-year-old son’s Playmobil pirate ship, which she said showed a slave with a neckpiece that looked similar to a slave collar.
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Massachusetts Police Force Will Use Pink Handcuffs for 'Breast Cancer Awareness'

The pinkwashing Olympics have their new champion: the police department of Greenfield, Massachusetts announced on Facebook that for the month of October, they’ll be using pink handcuffs. Officers will also sport pins reading “Arrest Breast Cancer.” Because there’s no problem you can’t solve that way.
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The drought is so bad in one California town that restaurants can’t wash dishes

California has turned off its sprinklers, shortened its showers and let its gardens turn brown beneath a baking sun.

But even that wasn’t enough to save the coastal city of Fort Bragg, where ocean water recently started leaking into municipal pipes. More drastic measures had to be taken. Now Fort Bragg is hoping it can cut its water woes with a plastic knife.

A requirement that restaurants replace their fine china and fancy cutlery with disposable dinner- and flatware was among several ...
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A coach comes out of the closet

Chris Burns stands before his players in Bryant University’s men’s basketball locker room. He is shaking, yet resolute. He’s rehearsed this conversation in his head dozens of times. But that’s just practice. This is game time.

“There are parts of this business that lead me to believe what I’m about to tell you is not acceptable here,” the assistant coach says. “This is something I struggle with. It’s made me consider giving up coaching. It’s made me think I’m not supposed ...
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United Airlines employee suggests mother use 'pet relief area' to pump breast milk

When Liz Cooper arrived at Dulles International Airport on Monday, all she wanted was a private place to use her breast pump.

She quickly found out Dulles has no facilities where mothers can nurse their babies or pump breast milk.

"I said, 'A bathroom is not sanitary,'" Cooper recalls saying to a United Airlines employee.

Then, she says, the employee had another suggestion.

"She said, 'We also have a [indoor] pet relief center,'" Cooper says. "And I just looked at her. And she said, 'Not ...
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Stoughton Man Charged With Threatening to Bomb Schools in Three States

Anthony Rae, 24, will appear in U.S. District Court in Boston Wednesday afternoon. He was charge through a criminal complaint with bomb threats according to the U.S. Attorney’s office. Rae was previously charged in Norfolk District Court, but those charges were dismissed earlier today and he was taken into federal custody.

According to the complaint, Rae used three different email accounts to send bomb threats to schools in four different states over the past year. In October 2014, Rae ...
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Elon Musk: “I Definitely Don’t Want to Live Forever”

Sorkin asked Musk whether he wanted to live forever, so that he could one day join a mission to colonize Mars. “I definitely don’t want to live forever,” Musk said. “One hundred good [years], in total, is probably totally fine. Maybe a bit longer.”

Other tech-world billionaires are quite interested in the idea of extending life. Google’s Larry Page was a driving force in the creation of Calico, a company that seeks to expand wellness and take up death itself as a problem worth ...
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Ben Carson: Stop Pretending That Every ‘Lifestyle’ Has the ‘Same Value’

"Oh, I'm not gross enough to lead the polls? I'll show you gross."
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Your Weight Is About to Be Redefined

Once the mass of the kilogram is grounded in Planck’s constant, Le Grand K will become obsolete.
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Police Arrest Robbery Suspects Who Lured Victim Online

The victim, a 23-year-old male, went to 92 Surrey Street around 2:00 AM because he thought he was meeting a woman he had spoken to on to hang out and smoke marijuana. According to police, the suspects posed as a woman on the website to lure the victim.

Police say three suspects were waiting in the area for the victim, who was beaten up before he could dial 911. He was struck over the head with an aluminum bat and after he was on the ground he was hit by some type of object similar ...
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Dem files Ethics complaint on Benghazi panel

Rep. Alan Grayson (D-Fla.) has filed a House Ethics complaint against Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) and Benghazi Committee Chairman Trey Gowdy (R-S.C.), accusing them of violating chamber rules and federal law by using the panel as a vehicle to hamper Hillary Clinton’s presidential bid.

Grayson, who is seeking the Democratic nomination for Sen. Marco Rubio’s (R) open Florida seat, made the Wednesday filing after controversial comments by McCarthy, the front-runner to take over ...
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Moustached Kingfisher Photographed for First Time

The Moustached Kingfisher is an elusive bird—the cartoonish species had not been seen in the wild for decades, and until earlier this month, it had never been photographed. But two weeks ago a group of researchers led by individuals from the American Museum of Natural History (AMNH) happened upon one while surveying endemic wildlife in the mossy jungles of Guadalcanal, the biggest isle in the Solomon Island chain, and snapped some winning photos of the bright blue bird.
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Cock Lane potholes highlighted with ironic obscene graf

The offensive graffiti daubed around potholes in a Fetcham road last week has been covered by Mole Valley District Council.

Phallic symbols appeared in Cock Lane overnight on Monday (September 28), prompting a resident to suggest it was "some sort of protest" over the uneven state of the road.

Images sorta NSFW
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Rabbit with overgrown teeth dumped in Peterborough

A rabbit whose teeth were so overgrown that it was unable to eat, has been found abandoned.
The RSPCA said the teeth on the female domestic rabbit, spotted by a member of the public in Peterborough, were "some of the worst" it had seen.
Inspector Justin Stubbs said: "Had she not been found when she was, she would have likely starved to death."
The rabbit, which has been renamed Holly after the vet who attended to her, has now had the teeth removed.
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Which jobs could a 100-year-old do?

Talwar, a futurologist, has made headlines by telling the Headmasters' and Headmistresses' Conference that many of today's 10 or 11-year-olds will live to at least 120 and a sizeable proportion will keep working until they reach 100. But how might this work?

Scientific advances, such as replacement limbs made by 3D printers, powered exoskeletons and memory-preserving drugs will allow today's children easily to outlive their parents and keep active, Talwar says.

"They might not want to ...
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Pan scrambles a classic story into one strange mess

In the middle of the London Blitz, devious nuns sell orphan Peter Pan to a band of space pirates (some of whom are also clowns), who whisk him away to the mines of Neverland and the domain of Blackbeard, a time-traveling fascist dictator who huffs down crushed rock-form fairy dust in a vaporizer mask. Blackbeard has picket-fence teeth and skin like chalk, and he hops around in a suit of armor and calf-high red stockings while his pirates and child slaves bray “Smells Like Teen Spirit” from ...
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Kitchener man mortally wounded by arrow on morning walk

A man was shot with an arrow and left to die on a Kitchener lawn and police promise a “relentless” hunt for the attacker.
Waterloo Regional Police said they are treating Michael Frederick Gibbon’s death as a homicide after post-mortem results revealed he died of a “penetrating” injury to his chest which was not self-inflicted.

Gibbon, 60, died Monday in a local hospital after a pedestrian saw him lying on the front lawn of a house on Margaret Ave. in Kitchener just after 7 a.m.
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Fla. school settles bizarre lawsuit over hypnotized students, suicides

The families of three high school students who died after being hypnotized by a former principal will receive $200,000 each from the Sarasota County School District under a settlement agreement unanimously approved by the School Board on Tuesday.

The Herald-Tribune reports that the $600,000 settlement closes a bizarre, yearlong case that began after former North Port High School Principal George Kenney admitted that he hypnotized 16-year-old Wesley McKinley a day before the teenager killed ...
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Gunman in Oregon college shooting executed classmates, saying 'I'll see you soon'

"The shooter would call a person: 'You, stand up,'" Salas said, recalling what her son told her. "And then he would ask them if they were a Christian, knew God, or had religion. And it wasn't like it was stated on TV. It wasn't about that he was just trying to pinpoint Christians, no."
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Kim Davis is “old school” about public records requests

As a public employee, Kim Davis’s emails are subject to the Kentucky Open Records Act (KORA). A couple days before Davis was jailed for contempt of court, I requested all of her emails from the past month. When news of her visit to the Vatican embassy broke, I submitted additional requests for emails with papal keywords.

To the credit of the Rowan County clerk’s office, I emailed both requests directly to Ms. Davis, and received relatively timely replies from Kim herself. On this front, ...
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